Soccer Player – Zaneta Wyne
Soccer Player – Zaneta Wyne

Soccer Player – Zaneta Wyne

Zaneta Wyne is an american soccer player, currently signed by norwegian club Klepp Elite. The midfielder told us how she turned a stroke of fate into motivation.

“I started to play soccer because I had too much energy as a kid. So my dad put me in everything he could and soccer is the sport that I fell in love with most. It gives you a space to forget everything that is going on in life for just a moment. When I am playing the only thing that I have to concentrate on is soccer. Life just fades away into the background for that hour or two.

Just being a professional athlete is one of my biggest successes, to be honest. There were so many people that told me it wasn’t possible. Not many people have gone this path so it was hard to find someone who was willing to help or had the right answers to make the leap to being a professional player. The fact that I ended up making it, then to actually find my own path to a solid team in a good league is my ultimate success.

If I were to go back in time I wouldn’t change anything soccer-wise. Don’t get me wrong there are moments in life where you think if only, but the losses, wrong choices and defeats built my mindset that I have today. So to take those moments out of my life would change some impactful times where I believe I really grew as a person.

When my mom passed away in 2011 I made a promise that I would take advantage of every opportunity I get on the pitch. The fact that I still get to be here and live a life doing what I love most keeps me motivated to try to be my best. I fall short in results some days, but the last thing I want on my mind is regret for at least not trying my best.

Don’t waste any time. Time is the only thing you can’t get back in life. Use it to its fullest. If you rest, rest. If you study, study hard. If you train, train hard. Don’t waste time in not trying your hardest in whatever field you find passion in. Just go be a beast in whatever you do. Go kickass in life with a smile on the way.

I try my best to work as hard as possible every day because I want to be better. No matter what it is. I just want to prove that I am good enough for the lifestyle I chose. After a game I usually like talking about what had happened or things that I could’ve done better. Not many people like doing that, but I just have to get it off my mind. I also just enjoy talking about soccer so I never really get tired of it.

It heavily depends on the coach and their philosophy on what style they want to play. What I have found here in Norway is that we try our best to play a strong passing game. I really enjoy that cause it challenges you to make smart decisions in short amount of time. It promotes a style of play where you hopefully have a lot of the ball. Right now I don’t have any aspirations of going back to the USA. I have worked so hard to establish myself in Europe that I am ok with staying in the leagues here.”

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