Would You Rather – Julia Suede

Feml: Coffee or tea?
JS: Coffee addict
Feml: Laptop or tablet?
JS: Laptop
Feml: City or countryside?
JS: I’m from a city with 60.000 inhabitants at Bodensee and have both
Feml: Bike or car?
JS: I love to listen to music while driving!
Feml: To be able to fly or to breathe under water?
JS: To be able to fly!
Feml: Early bird or having a lay in?
JS: If I’m able to I like to have a lay-in but it rarely happens.

Photo: FIVB

Would You Rather? – Isabella Straub

Feml: Chocolate or gummy bears?
Isabella: Chocolate
Feml: Tea or coffee?
Isabella: Tea, but actually hot chocolate.
Feml: Bike or car?
Isabella: Car, it’s easier to transport my equipment
Feml: Early bird or lay in?
Isabella: Lay in
Feml: Cooking or delivery?
Isabella: Cooking
Feml: City or countryside?
Isabella: Countryside

Would You Rather: Seraina Friedli

Feml: Netflix or Youtube?
SF: Youtube, I prefer to listen to music than watching series or movies.
Feml: Hotel or camping?
SF: Camping, I love nature.
Feml: Pancakes or waffles?
SF: Pancakes, but they have to be salty.
Feml: Club or bar?
SF: Bar, I rather talk to people than to dance.
Feml: Tattoo or piercing?
SF: Tattoo, I don’t have one, but I want to get one for a long time.
Feml: Dog or cat?
SF: Cat, although I’ve never had a pet.

Would You Rather: Vanessa Grimm

Feml: Spend a night out at a club or bar?
VG: At a bar
Feml: Be a dreamer or realist?
VG: Realist for sure
Feml: Have a pint of beer or glass of wine?
VG: Wine
Feml: have chocolate or vanilla custard?
VG: Chocolate custard
Feml: wear high heels or Birkenstock sandals?
VG: Neither, haha
Feml: Have to do the dishes or vacuum?
VG: Vacuum cleaning

Would You Rather – Emily Bölk

Feml: Top or bottom of the bread roll?
EB: The top, there are more seeds on. But in general, for me, it doesn’t matter.
Feml: Rap or dance music?
EB: Dance music, I love to dance. But I also have some great rap songs on my playlist.
Feml: Holiday in the mountains or beach?
EB: Definitely BEACH! I love to relax in the sun, drink something cold at the beach and go swimming in the sea.
Feml: Be invisible or read minds?
EB: I think I would prefer to have the ability to read minds, that could be really interesting.
Feml: Wear your shirt 2 sizes too big or 1 size too small?
EB: Puuh, in my wardrobe you find both. But I love oversize-clothes.
Feml: Never use social media or never watch another movie or tv show again?
EB: I cannot think about to live without social media anymore, so I sacrifice on movies and tv shows.
Feml: Dog or cat?
EB: Dogs! I want to have two one day.

Would You Rather – Lina Völker

Feml: New York or Las Vegas?
LV: New York
Feml: Netflix or YouTube?
LV: YouTube
Feml: Apartment or house?
LV: House
Feml: Singer or actress?
LV: Singer
Feml: One alarm or snooze alarms?
LV: One alarm
Feml: Top or bottom half of a bread roll?
LV: Top half
Feml: Read minds or photographic memory?
LV: Having a photographic memory