Katharina Bauernschmidt- Paracanoe
Katharina Bauernschmidt- Paracanoe
Katharina Bauernschmidt- Paracanoe

Katharina Bauernschmidt- Paracanoe

Water = Life

Swimming wasn’t my cup of tea anymore. So I looked out for an alternative. It had to do something with water, which was very important to me.
Watersports are in harmony with nature and that was what I was looking for. The sport also needed to be located close to my hometown. All those factors led me to the para canoeing during my online researches. I was hooked, so I contacted the German National Paralympics Committee and received contact details of a club in Duisburg. The club again passed me on to one of their coaches who invited me on a three-week trial. After three weeks I was asked if I could imagine doing the sport as a professional. That was two years ago and haven’t stopped since. I love the freedom in the canoe and on the water. Being surrounded by nature keeps me going every day.

Success doesn’t come quick but this is a different story

The success took me by storm so did I realize yeah, processed not really! Grabbing 5th, twice, in the World Championships and 4th in the European Championships was unreal. Now I have my eyes set on Tokyo.
Loads of training and diligence (in cooperation) with coach and club were the keys to my success.
Usually, I’m not nervous or tensed.
If I do get nervous I listen to my favorite music and focus on myself. I try and block out my surroundings.

Preparation for future goals

My goal for Tokyo is getting some hardware. For me to prepare requires a lot of training (endurance and power/strength), many training camps and the renunciation of friends and free time are unavoidable to get closer to your goals. I train 6 times a week two sessions. Ergometer, on the water and strength training.

NO stigmas here only support

Nobody has ever belittled my performance so far. On the contrary, they take their hat off when they know or find out how much I have reached in such a short amount of time!
My biggest supporters are my coach, sponsors, club, friends, and family.

Favorite moment and her message

Fighting successfully for my qualifying place for the Paralympics during the world cup in 2019.

Never give up your dreams, even when you’re in rough times follow the path and look forward.

Rewalk for the win: a game-changer

I was the first Rewalker with an exoskeleton that got financed by the health insurance fund. Freedom and mobility is their slogan and I stand by that.

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